Lebanese International University

Bachelor of Business - Management Information Systems • 2019 — 2022 • Sana'a, Yemen

  • Google Developer Student Clubs Team Lead (2021-2022)
  • Google Developer Student Clubs Non-Technical Team Lead (2020-2021)

The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus

Bachelor of Arts - BA, International Communication Studies • 2015 — 2016 • Semenyih, Malaysia

  • International Student Committee Secretary
  • International Student Committee Yemeni Representative

The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus

Foundation Degree, Business Management • 2014 — 2015 • Semenyih, Malaysia

Fort Lee High School

High School Diploma, Academy of Finance • 2010 — 2014 • Fort Lee, NJ, USA

  • Academy of Finance (2011-2014)
  • Senior Class Vice-President (2013-2014)


Google Developer Student Clubs - Lebanese International University

Team Lead • July 2021 — Present • Sana'a, Yemen

Google Developer Student Clubs - Lebanese International University

Non-Technical Team Lead • Sep 2020 — Aug 2021 • Sana'a, Yemen

As the technical team lead I am responsible for the team composed of:
  • Event Coordinator
  • Public Relations Coordinator
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Designers
Part of my responsibilities were:
  • Manage all social media platforms
  • Managing all Content and Public Relations duties for the Club.
  • Collaborate with external parties (Speakers, other GDSCs', GDG Sana'a, etc)
  • Collaborate with internal parties (University staff, other clubs)
  • Collaborate with the technical team on current and future projects.
Extra Projects:
  • Helped in the creation of the website for the Developer Student Clubs LIU (
  • Transitioning the website from plain HTML/CSS/JS into a static site using Jekyll and making it open source (License AGPL V3) for other GDSCs' to use worldwide

Freelance, Self-employed

Wordpress Developer • May 2018 — Aug 2018 • Remote

Developing a WordPress Travel/Food blog with a social media plan.

Website Development:
  • Created a full WordPress site (Not including the website theme)
  • Edited and reviewed all content that was published as an editor and to unsure proper SEO guidelines
  • Ran and managed Google Analytics with creating a goal and how to achieve them
  • Manage Google/Bing webmaster
  • Insured proper Page ranking and site performance per general practices (e.g CDN, browser caching, server caching)
Social Media:
  • Created Facebook Business Manager Account and linking domain and Facebook Page together.
  • Created online Facebook/Instagram ads for the Page
Managed the domain and email system.
* Including maintenance work as needed beyond scope of the contract

The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus

Corporate Marketing Student Intern • Jun 2016 — Jan 2017 & Jun 2015 — Dec 2015 • Semenyih, Malaysia

General Responsibilities:
  • Develop e-forms, using Microsoft Webparts360 AppStudio
  • co-ordinate with the different schools/departments in their digital/physical marketing needs and providing them with proper training in Social Media Etiquette
  • Support marketing staff in any tasks needed
  • Liaise with the different external parties concerning Google Ads and Facebook Ads, in support of the University goals
Website Responsibilities:
  • Contribute where appropriate and as necessary to the development of relevant content on the University website
  • Ensuring that users conform to corporate guidelines on web implementation
  • Working with Google Analytics to monitor the effectiveness
  • Trained relevant University staff in the use of the Content Management System Contensis CMS
Social Media Responsibilities:
  • Contribute where appropriate and as necessary to the development of relevant content on social media channels
  • Create, manage, and follow up on content posted on FB, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and internal channels
  • Facebook: Implemented Facebook Business Manager, to merge all University Pages (different Faculties, Schools, and Departments) under the marketing umbrella. While letting the various parties still manage their pages
  • Twitter: Implemented the use of Tweetdeck and live-tweeting during events
  • LinkedIn: Created content for significant events and milestones
Other Responsibilities:
  • HTML emails (Marketing and Internal/External Newsletters)
  • Press Releases and Media Handling
  • Involvement with relevant University projects
  • Coordinate marketing/communications visits (general, video, photography)
* Including freelance work as needed beyond scope of the contract as season or project-based

The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus

Student Ambassador • Sep 2015 — Jun 2016 • Semenyih, Malaysia

As a Student Ambassador for Yemen, and also the Secretary for the International Students' Bureau (ISB). Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

As an Ambassador:
  1. Be responsible for organizing International Student Bureau sanctioned events and activities;
  2. Be responsible for the inclusion and cross-cultural integration of communities at UNMC;
  3. Be responsible for liaising with Cultural & National Societies and/or communities about events, collaborations, welfare matters, and any other relevant areas of concern;
  4. Develop feedback mechanisms, in line with International Student Bureau working procedures, between the International Student Bureau and the respective communities;
As a Secretary:
  1. Responsible for the booking and notification of meetings; proper maintenance of all records of meetings and decisions, and the safe custody and archiving of minute books, correspondence, and all registers.
  2. Directly be responsible for maintaining minutes of meetings of the Executive Committee and publishing them for public reference.

Fort Lee Public Schools

Fort Lee High School Library (Student Helper) • Sep 2011 — Jun 2014 • Fort Lee, NJ, USA

  • Respond to several questions by patrons of the library regarding the locations of books while providing customer service about any questions regarding the library and the surrounding area of the library
  • Refer students to the appropriate section of the library depending on their request to keep the flow of students smooth
  • Pull books from the stacks, label them, and organized them for patrons of the library to receive their requested books swiftly

KAB Computer Services

Customer Service Representative/Technician • Jun 2013 — Sep 2013 • Palisades Park, NJ, USA

  • Worked as a Tier-II Technician
  • Worked as a Tier-II Customer Service Representative (CSR)
  • Communicate with clients and help them with invoices, services needed, and basic technical support.
  • Manage the team on what jobs needed to be done and where.


Primary Developer & Maintainer • Sep 2020 — Present

Maintainer • May 2021 — Present

Licenses & Certifications

Google Analytics Individual Qualification

Google • July 29, 2021 — July 28, 2022

Credential ID: 85248714 (

Digital Sales Certification

Google • June 13, 2020 — June 13, 2022

Credential ID: 13965860 (

Introduction to Personal Branding

Coursera — University of Virginia • Oct 31, 2020

Credential ID: LZ4ZSURMHHWL (

Introduction to HTML5

Coursera — University of Michigan • Nov 30, 2020

Credential ID: L5EQSYXN2865 (

Introduction to Git and GitHub

Coursera — Google • Nov 29, 2020

Credential ID: XHHRWBS55AGS (

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